Igor Primachenko

Trips to the distant lands Cities Industrial rythms Ships Crimean landscapes On the Adriatic sea Still-life paintings Russian motives

List of publications

«In the workshops of painters-marinists» I. Kupcov «Water transport» newspaper 2.06.1987
«Subject of art - the world» I. Kupcov «Evening Moscow» newspaper 17.03.1988
«In the silence of workshops» M. Rusova «The Moscow Artist» newspaper 24.03.1989
«It was by the sea, where the soft foam…» N. Ivanov «The voice of the Motherland» newspaper №12 - 1992
«To the 2000 years anniversary of the birth of the Christ» N. Ivanov «A young artist» magazine №3 - 2000
N. Ivanov Moscow's Artists Union newspaper №9 - 2013
V. Maloletkov Moscow's Artists Union newspaper №6 - 2016